Living a Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

Living a Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

In today’s culture riding in Helicopters (of course I’m being funny, loosen up lol), wearing $500 jeans, million dollar belts and dining on the finest meals are broadcast as if spending that type of money is normal….And just like the rest of the “world” i’m sucked in too, BUT I’m not one for spending excessive amounts of money with no return. I absolutely blow and mismanage a ton (hey I’m human) but in general I’ve been able to enjoy premium experiences at a fraction of the cost. I’ve traveled from Barcelona to L.A. and You don’t have to spend your mortgage, or neglect investing in yourself to stunt! It’s easy to DO IT BIG! Here are my top tips for living like a socialite on any budget.

  • Happy Hours: Many high end restaurants and bars have great deals during happy hours. For example Flemings has appetizers and their delicious bar burger for $6! Not to mention $6 premium cocktails. Roast Detroit, Bahama Breeze, Mortons, Ruth Chris, Ocean Prime, Granite City, P.F. Changs etc etc etc…..(I could go on and on) offer GREAT deals to impress a date, enjoy the atmosphere or just eat something tasty! My average bill is ALWAYS under $20 and when I’m going hard….under $10
  • Specials/Promotions: Don’t be afraid to click the link for a promotion or call that 1 800 # on the receipt, it might just be a deal! I recently went to Flemings with a $45 gift card from a Lincoln Promotion! Most cities have restaurant week offering ultra premium meals and courses for a set price. Last year I caught Capital Grille, where I had an app, Steak with sides, and dessert for $35! Signing up for promo cards (Saks, Banana Republic etc) also add big savings.
  • Outlets/Online/Vintage: Gucci, Louis, Givenchy, Coach, MK and every other overpriced designer are must haves for the modern stylish person but who says you have to pay those HIGH ASS prices. Try sites like Rue LaLa offering everything from Cartier to Free People to Rolex to High End linen, they have it all, plus for every friend you refer who makes a purchase you get $$$$$$. Lastly most people know about Outlets but did you know….YOU CAN CALL OUTLETS OUT OF STATE AND ORDER!!!!! Some outlets have personal shoppers like the Gucci outlet in……(I can’t give ALL my secrets lol)

Look I have a regular ass job.

I shop for value but you may shop for name or fabric or whatever the case may be just get the deal! Im broke but with my little tricks I spend less and get more. The same jeans you pay $200 for I pay $40. Those $300 sandals costs $50 in my world and I refuse to pay full price for most things. And honestly when I go to Lizzys (yea I go to Lizzys too! Mix and match lol) I make those $10 flats look like my expensive loafers so remember it’s about the DEAL AND VALUE. Get most for your money. I dine, travel, hang and shop with the best for less!

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